One Odd Night

One Odd Night

One Odd Night is a short film released in 2020 starring Paige McKenzie and Bob Sterry. Directed by Derek Willis, this 16-minute thriller highlights Bob’s creative versatility, from voice-acting to live-acting. In his lead role as ‘Donn’, Bob plays a serial killer who runs into unexpected challenges when trying to dispose of his latest victim. 

Remote Outrage

I went to the BLM meeting at the park in our town Tuesday night. There were speakers of all ages addressing a crowd of three or four hundred. Until I start a more active and involved plan that might add to what appears to be a movement in the country, my outrage is remote. Remote and useless.

Technology Should Be Able To Fix This

This is something technology should be able to fix and something that I have failed to understand for decades. The paragraph below is a post from 2009 about the failure of technology to silence something that it surely could. Of course, leaf blowers, power washers, lawn mowers, weed whackers, and any other device powered by a tiny, under 200 c.c. gas engine.