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Clear  Confident  Compelling

An English voice for Narration, Audio Books, Web-Site Audio, Medical, Technical Voice Over Projects, and just a little humor when needed! 

Bob possesses a classic native English voice, 

a deep knowledge of American business,

a hi-tech background and live stage experience. 

He is based in Portland, Oregon. 


"Thank you so much Bob for the gift of your voice and for your stirring interpretation of David, the old monarch fighting not only for his life but also for the survival of his legacy. You gave every word, every sentence, every pause a full, resonant meaning. When chapters started coming at a pace that exceeded my expectation, I knew that you grew into the mantle of this complex character and made it your own"

Uvi Poznansky, Award winning Author, Sculptor, Painter. 

What clients are saying...

"I came across Bob Sterry purely by accident while looking for a narrator for one of my books. I was immediately attracted by the authority in his voice and the calmness of his tone. I knew that I wanted him to read my book for me in that instant. However, Bob's suitability became even more apparent when I heard him transforming my words into voice. He gave the story a new depth that I hadn't known was there."

 Owen Jones,

Author /Editor of 'Asian Shorts'.

Listen to these short demo tracks...

“We have been very happy with Bob’s performance as both an excellent voice over artist and team member who delivers accurate and on-time audio for our eLearning program.”

Amy Hunter

Content Development Project Manager


NEW! Audio Book  Demo

Audio Book Introduction - Bob Sterry


"Bob Sterry is a delight to work with––prompt and articulate and exactly what an author hopes to hear in an audio narration" Carl Rollyson, Author. Professor of Journalism, Baruch College, New York City

Radio Announcement

Podcast Humor

Red Planet FM Radio - Bob Sterry
Theatrical Monologue
Theatrical Monologue - Bob Sterry

"Bob is fantastic.  He has superb skills with narration and publication of audio books. We are extremely satisfied and recommend Bob to all who need help from a quality producer. Bob took care of the project very quickly and professionally"

George Mentz, Esq. CEO & Atty at Law

Technical Medical 

Our Helium Warrior - Bob Sterry
"It was an absolute pleasure working with Bob Sterry. His professionalism and artistry were both superb. He truly brought my novel to life!" Nickolas Hight,
Author of 'Vendetta'


Humor-The Clutterbuck Saga Ep. 2 - Bob Sterry
Live Acting
Pinot - Bob Sterry

"Bob did such a wonderful job of narrating my collection of poetry. His voice lent so much feeling to each one and I was so pleased and surprised that he finished the project well before the deadline." 

Regina Puckett

Author of 'Only I Can Hear'


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