Bob Sterry

British Voiceover Actor, Narrator, & Writer

About Bob

Bob Sterry is a voice-over actor, audio-book narrator, writer, singer, occasional stage actor, and humorist. Originally trained in the UK as a research analytical chemist, he immigrated to the United States in the seventies. He started working as a wine waiter in New Jersey, and then as a forklift truck driver in Connecticut. Bob later spent his professional career in the marketing of scientific instruments and services in New Jersey, Hong Kong, and around the world. 

Bob possesses a classic native English voice, a deep knowledge of American business, a hi-tech background, and live stage experience. He is based in Portland, Oregon.

An English voice for narration, audiobooks, website audio, medical, technical voiceover projects, and just a little humor when needed!

About Bob Sterry British voice over actor and audio narrator stage actor and humorist

What Clients are Saying


I came across Bob Sterry purely by accident while looking for a narrator for one of my books. I was immediately attracted by the authority in his voice and the calmness of his tone. I knew that I wanted him to read my book for me in that instant. However, Bob’s suitability became even more apparent when I heard him transforming my words into voice. He gave the story a new depth that I hadn’t known was there.

Owen Jones

Author and Editor, 'Asian Shorts'

Bob is fantastic. He has superb skills with narration and publication of audio books. We are extremely satisfied and recommend Bob to all who need help from a quality producer. Bob took care of the project very quickly and professionally. 

George Mentz

CEO & Attorney at Law

Thank you so much Bob for the gift of your voice and for your stirring interpretation of David, the old monarch fighting not only for his life but also for the survival of his legacy. You gave every word, every sentence, every pause a full, resonant meaning. When chapters started coming at a pace that exceeded my expectation, I knew that you grew into the mantle of this complex character and made it your own. 

Uvi Poznansky

Award-Winning Author, Sculptor, & Painter