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Bob Sterry is a voice-over actor, audio-book narrator, writer, singer, occasional stage actor, and humorist. Originally trained in the UK as a research analytical chemist, he immigrated to the United States in the seventies. He started working as a wine waiter in New Jersey, and then as a forklift truck driver in Connecticut. Bob later spent his professional career in the marketing of scientific instruments and services in New Jersey, Hong Kong, and around the world.

It was not until he started writing short articles and poetry in the nineties that his creative talents found an outlet, and he began to sing seriously in choirs and extemporaneous groups. In 1999 he and his wife Anne-Louise Sterry, a well-known speaker, singer, and storyteller, founded a short-lived but much-loved faux cowboy wannabe band, ‘Anne-Louise and the Cascade Urban Cowboys’. Discovering his on-stage talent he took the step to starting his own show of songs and spoken word. His singing is Cabaret satire with Broadway and the English Musical Hall grinning in the wings with a nod to the classical style. Recent shows were ‘The Bob Sterry Atomic Summer Show’, ‘The Book of Bob’, and ‘A Sterry Sterry Night’ with Anne-Louise Sterry.

Adding voice-over work to his creative repertoire was an obvious step. Bob’s clear enunciation coupled with strong language skills and familiarity with technical terms result in excellent communication. His sense of humor and acting skill is perfect for tongue-in-cheek promotions. Thanks to voice coach Lesley Bailey and recording genius Marc Rose at FuseAudio Design, Bob offers his voice to anyone who needs it.

He is passionate about cycling, cooking, language and literature.

Associations & Community Involvement

Oregon Poetry Association elects Bob Sterry as President

Oregon Poetry Association


Founded in 1956, the Oregon Poetry Association (OPA) is Oregon’s oldest literary organization. On November 7th, 2022, Bob was elected President of OPA’s Executive Board.

OPA exists for no other reason than to be surrounded by like-minded people who have a passion for poetry. Bob hopes his leadership will be able to support the group’s goals of growth and deeper collaboration.

Literary Arts Committee of the Clackamas County Arts Alliance 


The Literary Arts Committee of the Clackamas County Arts Alliance is the voice for arts and culture, ensuring that the county is represented in regional, county, and city planning.

Bob is the chair of the Committee and recently helped create the Alliances’ first writing contest. On May 20th, 2023, the Literary Arts Committee of Clackamas Arts Alliance was proud to present the winners of their 2023 Writing Contest at Clackamas Community College’s Compose Creative Writing Conference.

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Raving Reviews

What Clients Are Saying About Bob

Reading The Bob Sterry School of Burglary: Essays, Poetry and Short Stories is akin to spending an evening with a soulful, pithy friend over a glass of fine wine. From his poem, “Pinot”, a tribute to love, lust, and being alive, to “London”, a tender and stirring tribute to his mother’s triumphs and tragedies, to his keen observations about life.

I did not want this collection to end. Indeed, I shall return to the beginning to embrace this gem yet again. 

Connie K.

Book Reviewer

Bob Sterry is a delight to work with. Prompt and articulate and exactly what an author hopes to hear in an audio narration. 

Carl Rollyson

Author & Professor of Journalism, Baruch College, New York City

Thank you so much Bob for the gift of your voice and for your stirring interpretation of David, the old monarch fighting not only for his life but also for the survival of his legacy. You gave every word, every sentence, every pause a full, resonant meaning. When chapters started coming at a pace that exceeded my expectation, I knew that you grew into the mantle of this complex character and made it your own. 

Uvi Poznansky

Award-Winning Author, Sculptor, & Painter

Bob is fantastic. He has superb skills with narration and publication of audio books. We are extremely satisfied and recommend Bob to all who need help from a quality producer. Bob took care of the project very quickly and professionally. 

George Mentz

CEO & Attorney at Law

There are many, many reasons you will enjoy The Bob Sterry School of Burglary, not least of which is the way in which he deftly breaks into our collective hidden dreams, thoughts, and fantasies with his hypnotic and perfectly metered poetry and prose.

Sterry, a master of clarity, writes with musicality in every word; his poems and stories beg to be read out loud, if only for the sheer enjoyment of how they sound. But, in addition to the wonderful voice of his writing, you will experience Sterry’s remarkable ability to open your eyes.

The writings in The Bob Sterry School of Burglary will, if you go along, take you somewhere new and rewarding. And you’ll come back to this fine book for more!


Book Reviewer

More from Bob

One Odd Night Bob Sterry past work live actor short film poster
A Short Film Starring Bob 

The Use of London Slang

Created with the Clackamas County Arts Alliance

In this video, Bob explores common English slang terms used in popular British TV shows and other media. This video was created in collaboration with The Literary Arts Committee of The Clackamas County Arts Alliance.